January 11, 2016
The end of an era

Starting tomorrow, Microsoft will end it's support for all versions of Internet Explorer older than IE 11. As a web developer, this is great news! Older versions of IE has long been known as a browser in which very difficult to develop for, often requiring many workarounds and limiting the experience for the end user on websites. This news doesn't mean that people using older versions of Internet Explorer will be forced to update to a newer version but instead those versions of IE will no longer receive updates.

People using older versions of IE are encouraged to update their browser since the lack of updates will cause security vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware. I personally recommend Google Chrome as a browser, though I hear that Microsoft's newest browser Microsoft Edge is a well-built browser for people running Windows 10. We will still build websites that are supported in Internet Explorer 10 and beyond, which currently holds a mere 0.6% of usage share of all browsers.