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Stars and Stripes
January 11, 2016

Starting tomorrow, Microsoft will end it's support for all versions of Internet Explorer older than IE 11. As a web developer, this is great news!...

By J Smilanic
June 9, 2015

For whatever reason, today’s major browsers don’t come with a great way to collect and organize bookmarks from your favorite sites. Cue Evernote. If you’re not already familiar with Evernote, it’s one of the best ways to organize all of your...

By J Smilanic
April 17, 2015

After almost year of hard work and several design and development iterations, we're excited to share the new with everyone! It's been challenging at times, the sort of challenge we embrace and get the most pleasure from. We...

By J Smilanic
April 12, 2015

So you’ve spent all this time designing and developing your Drupal website and now it’s ready to go live. Is there anything else you should do before uploading? Are you totally ready to go live? Take a look at this short list of items we’ve put...

By J Smilanic